Halloween in Hollywoodland | LTT goes to LA

On October 31st, all of the crazies seem just a little more crazy. As I walked down Sunset Blvd. to grab my morning coffee from GroundWorks, it all seemed pretty normal. That is, until I saw a fully uniformed swat member walk by me. I was worried for a moment that something was happening that I wasn’t aware of. Then, I realized it was just a costume. Phew.

This year, I decided to start from scratch when making my costumes. Two parties meant two costumes, naturally. The alien for a night of dancing in Los Angeles, and the Indian for an adult rave at the W hotel where I was staying.

The alien, pre-dress and just the front. No pattern, just imagination.

One of the best costumes, this guy was fully in-character. I asked if I could take a picture of him and he said he usually gets paid, but how could be refuse to let someone else enjoy his beauty. Saved from my snapchat, and I literally couldn’t. 

And apparently in LA, silly string is legal only 364 days of the year.

A breakfast of waffles and mimosas were totally necessary for the morning after. The party never stops.

xx -S

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