A Day in Santa Monica | LTT Goes to LA

Number one on our list for Santa Monica was a stop at Phil’z coffee. We’d heard so many things about it and couldn’t wait to try ‘the best coffee in the world’. So we wandered over to Santa Monica Blvd. And by wander, I actually ran, asking strangers for directions on the way by.

We finally found it and it completely lived up to expectations. I got the Philtered Soul and it was literally amazing. It’s $16/lb, and is completely on my Christmas list, if you’re looking to buy me something.

After fulfilling our coffee fix, we headed on down to the pier. Amazing shots, and vibrant untouched colors. For real, no editing there. I envy those who get these views everyday. Not to mention the sunsets over the ocean with palm trees. The California life.

top: H&M, jeans: AG, shoes: Vince, bag: Chloe, earrings: Gas Bijoux

And the fabulous day ended in Venice Beach at the Erwin Hotel rooftop bar, drink in hand with great company and an amazing sunset. I would say that it would be great to end everyday like this, but if it did then we wouldn’t appreciate this so much.

xx -S

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