Sunday Brunch | Pizza & 3 People

Even though there was no pizza involved in this Sunday’s brunch, I had to wear this since I went with three of my favorite people. I had some time to kill last week before my spin class, so I stopped in at Forever 21 and stumbled upon this hilarious sweatshirt. For $18, it was a no brainer. It’s also super soft. Score!

Since it’s still sort of a basic top, I layered it with this blue-purple plaid Splendid top and some big old earrings. I found these boots in the back of my closet after remembering I had them. My apartment is seriously not big enough to lose the amount of things I do. Like, not being able to find my sandals until August? Boo.

And of course my favorite NYC skyline ring from Kemi Designs. Get it here!

sweatshirt: Forever 21, top: Splendid, jeans: AG, boots: Rag & Bone, jacket: Current/Elliott, scarf: H&M, earrings: Gas Bijoux

Keep on walking my friends, let’s have a great week! By the way, totally counting down the days until Thanksgiving. Anyone else love eating turkey and potatoes as much as I do?! Yummm

xx -S

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