Spread the Word: Help Mike Mottola Fight Cancer

When I think about Mike Mottola, I remember how hilarious he was in high school and how I’d always see him joking around with his friends in the hall and the cafeteria. All the kids at Pelham High used to call him Meatball. I honestly have no idea why, and apologies if it’s offensive today, but a pretty funny name nonetheless.

Mike has somehow always made golf look cool and I can truly say that I’ve never seen Mike angry or in a bad mood. He’s definitely one of those people that is good to have around because there never seems to be a dull moment.

To find out what’s recently been going on with my buddy Mike, please read on from the GoFundMe page that has been set up to help out with his treatments.

Mike Mottola’s medical team has indicated that he has an aggressive form of lymphoma, a cancer that begins in the cells of the immune system and spreads to the blood and bone marrow, and is best treated through a strong combination of chemotherapy. Mike has already started treatment and will continue with chemotherapy for at least the next three months. The news is shocking, but we all know Mike for his strong will and resiliency. He’s going to approach this battle like it’s club championship weekend at Merrimack Valley Golf Club and completely dominate it. 

This page has been established as a means to support Mike and his family with the costly medical expenses they will incur during this difficult time. The last thing Mike should have to worry about is the financial impact of his treatments, so let’s do our part in helping Mike’s fight by making a donation. 

My favorite part is all of the special things that friends have had to say about Mike.

So what makes Mike such a special guy?

– He has a mane of chest hair that would make Austin Powers feel insecure. 
– The famous Mike Mottola red face from laughing so hard was a fixture at Saint Anselm College and could also serve as a source of lighting for his dorm room.
– Mike can always make people laugh and has a gifted talent to give you a hard time. 
– Mike can also laugh at himself, as good as his ability to make a joke is his ability to take one.
– His calves are the inspiration for many of Michelangelo’s finest sculptures. 
– He enjoys yelling out to people in British accents for no apparent reason.
– He’s made 22 trades in his Fantasy Football League over the last 2 seasons. 
– He has a quick-witted comment for literally everything. I mean, when is the last time you left Mike Mottola speechless?
– If he catches the basketball beyond the 3-point line (even triple teamed), you better believe he’s jacking it.
– Have you ever heard a Mike Mottola freestyle rap? 
– He puts Frank’s Red Hot on his pasta. He puts that stuff on everything.
– He refers to a three pound chihuahua as his daughter. 
– He’ll try anything three times before he decides he doesn’t like it.
– He keeps the toilet paper well stocked in his apartment. 
– He values his friends and family and won’t hesitate to tell you that he cares about you. 

Mike’s friends and family have a goal of raising $25,000 to help pay for a multitude of treatments, prescriptions, doctors visits, and surgeries. Since October 29th, over $20,000 has been raised by amazing people like you all. Help spread the word by sharing this, and Mike’s page to help support him and his family in this time.

If it means packing a sandwich from your own kitchen and skipping out on buying lunch today, or downsizing to a coffee from a latte, anything can help. Knowing that I am able to spread the word to all of my LTTers makes my heart happy. Please see Mike’s page below-

Thank you for reading and I hope you join me in sending prayers and donations to my friend Mike Mottola.

xx -S

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