Remember When It Was Warm? Lace & a Latte

Yeah, it’s stinking freezing today. I think the news said it ‘felt like’ 12° today in Central Park. So let’s all just pretend that it’s warm like it was back when these pictures were taken.

This outfit was made completely around the necklace that I wore as part of my collection with Armed & Readi. Though it can be worn as a double-wrap, shorter necklace, I always prefer to wear a necklace long. No effort, always chic. The look is playful also with the oversized top, dressy shoes, and kiddy backpack. 

top: Jason Wu, pants: Anthropologie, backpack: Target, shoes: Burberry, jewelry: Armed & Readi

All of these jewels can be found for sale here!

Until next time darling, sip those beautiful, warm lattes and keep cozy!

xx -S

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