Autumn Colors in New York

Ok, you caught me. So this wasn’t taken during yesterday’s super strange 60 degree day, but I could definitely have worn it!! Maybe different shoes. This is from the beginning of October. What can I say, sometimes my pictures get lost in my albums! 🙂

Perfect colors for fall, and you know I was wearing these white sandals up until it was no longer sandal weather. And then some. I am also loving this all these colors together, though my studded top doesn’t quite photograph well. Isn’t that funny, I’ve noticed that another orange dress I have is the same. You probably don’t remember; not sure that one made the cut.

top: Bebe, sweater: A+Ro, pants: Anthropologie, sandals: Target, bracelet: Armed & Readi

That’s all for now darlings. I’ll have so much more for you in the next few days, my day job has been nutso the last week or so. You know I hate to neglect you. 

PS: If you miss me, let me know! I always love those kind words from you all letting me know you’re out there!

xx -S

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