Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for Mom

Hiya darlings! Happy Monday and holy cow, Happy DECEMBER!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are finally coming out of your food comas. Good news for you: you’re just in time to catch the start of this year’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!

Each day during this week and next week, we will be sharing a few ideas for each person on your list. Have more ideas to share? Comment below or let us know your experience with the product. We’re always here to help, so let’s get to it!

Who is one of the very most important people in your life? If your answer is MOM, then you’re on the right track. Disclaimer: mom, stop reading here.

1. Essential Oils, Boski Products, $45.00

    My mom has been totally into these lately!

Shop it HERE!

2. Gold-Plated Initial Necklace, Kemi Designs, $100
    Kid’s initials? Done and done! If there’s not many of you, get her initials!

Shop it HERE!

3. Cure Pals, Angel Girl, $19.99
    It is a social network that uses the web to anonymously connect children and families who are sharing similar health challenges, interests or passion for philanthropy, and provide a voice of hope and shared inspiration for one another. The power of healing through connection is a great comfort for individuals going through similar illnesses. Before, they were alone in a hospital room. Now, they can connect with others around the world sharing experiences, treatment results, hope, and inspiration.
    So as a result Cure Pals donates 10% of all its paid Platinum memberships and other products to the social cause that the user supports. By doing this, the community is encouraging users of all ages to join the world of philanthropy and  to connect with non-profits and organizations that are already making a difference. 

Shop it HERE!

4. Terry Beach Hoodie, Life is Good, $62.00
    Everyone loves a super comfy sweater. I am in love with the feel of this one!

Shop it HERE!

5. Reva Double Wrap watch, Tory Burch, $395
    A bit on the pricey side, but if you need one fabulous gift, this should be it!

Shop it HERE!
I hope these give you a helpful guide so far! And even if it’s not for your momma bear, these can be great gifts for anyone on your list! Let me know what you’re getting your mom, I’m still short a few gifts!

Have a wonderful day my loves!

xx -S

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