Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for your In-Laws

I don’t know which is harder to shop for, your boss or your in-laws. Luckily, you aren’t as ethically restricted with in-laws, so you can have a bit more fun. Get ’em a nice bottle of something or go a little crazy with great DIY projects! Who knows what will please them, just read on for a few of my thoughts!

1. 2013 GEWÜRZTRAMINER, Gundlach Bundschu, $22.50
Wine is always a good choice. Especially if you ask me! This is one of my favorite wines in the world; I tried it a few months ago when I was in Sonoma and fell in love with this vineyard.

Shop it HERE!

2. Custom Cutting Board, TheCuttingBoardShop, $35.00
    Like, what couple doesn’t love having things custom made with their names on it? I would love this, mostly because it indirectly involves food, but also because it’s really cool.

Shop it HERE!

3. Waffle Maker, Amazon, $24
    Speaking of food, who doesn’t love waffles. Sometimes the most simple gifts are the best. My favorite idea of gift giving is finding something that the recipient wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Done. 

Shop it HERE!

4. Custom Photo Book, SnapFish, $12.99-54.99
    If you do choose to do this, make sure you do more than just pictures of yourself. The in-laws love those family pictures, especially if there’s grandkids involved. Wow, getting about five steps ahead of myself with that one!

Shop it HERE!

So there you have it, just a few ideas of what the heck to get your in-laws. But, let me just say, you know your in-laws better than I do, and maybe you don’t. Some of these might keep their boats afloat, but some of them might not. And if worst comes to worst, leave it to your significant other to take care of! 

xx -S

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