Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for your Boyfriend

Back by popular demand, gifts for boyfriends. Save the underwear and fancy toothbrush for his momma and step it up a notch and get something he will actually want, even though he might not know it. After all, we do always know what’s best for them! 🙂

1. Electric Blanket, Target, $34.99-89.99
    Possibly the second favorite thing on your man’s list, not including you of course, is sleep. Why not make him extra cozy with a heated blanket? A+ on my list, and he’ll surely be extra happy each day after a restful, warm night of sleep!

Shop it HERE!

2. Craft Beer & Snacks Basket, Gifttree, $69.99
    Beer. Enough said. If you’re feeling extra crafty, make him his own beer basket with his favorites and some homemade snacks. 

Shop it HERE!

3. Breaking Bad Series, Amazon, $149.99
    Though I never got into it, Breaking Bad seems to be a favorite among the male species. If you man is a fan, this will probably be one of his favorite gifts. Fan of another show? Search Amazon for it! 

Shop it HERE!

4. Football Jersey, NFL Shop, $99.95
   If you’re feeling extra generous, throw a pair of tickets in the box, too. The only condition is that he has to take you, unless his friends want to buy their own tickets. Tailgating anyone?

Shop it HERE!

5. Snack Box, NatureBox, $19.95/month
    Don’t we all want to snack healthier? NatureBox has created a monthly snack delivery with amazingly delicious snacks delivered to your door. Choose his favorite 5 snacks, order, and discover a happy man! Snack choices include: everything bagel sticks, beef jerky, honey dijon pretzels, pineapple coconut bars, and Southern bbq sunflower kernels. Also, each box they deliver, NatureBox donates one meal to a person in need.

Shop it HERE!

I hope your man enjoys these gifts! I got some inside scoop this time, so these are sure to be hits. If you have other ideas, feel free to share below!

xx- S

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