Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Ok boys, we’re going to make it real easy for ya. If you plan on getting your girlfriend a plain old gift certificate or taking her to dinner, keep reading. In addition to those (preferably a gift card to a spa), you should definitely use this list for more inspiration. Keep on reading darlings!

1. Steampunk Ball set, Butter London, $39
    It’s not just any nail polish. Don’t try make sense of it boys, a gal just feels better when her nails look nice. I promise you, she’ll definitely like this one! Neutrals and non, perfect for holiday parties!

Shop it HERE!

2. She’s Your Lobster Bracelet, Kemi Designs, $68
    A gift straight from you heart and the hands of Kemi of Kemi Designs. This will no doubt make your lady melt at the sweet thought that you put into this!

Shop it HERE!

3. Cozy Ballet Slippers, Life is Good, $26 / Flannel Snowflake Pants, $32
    This one’s a shoe-in. SeewhatIdidthere? 🙂 Cozy slippers can really take Christmas morning to a whole new level. Why not throw in some new sleep pants too? I sense a cuddle sesh in the near future!

Shop it HERE!

Shop it HERE!

4. Pigalle 100mm Pumps, Christian Louboutin, $695
    No boys, it’s not a typo; some shoes do cost that much. Let me just say, however, it will be fully worth it when you see her eyes light up when she first sees those famous red bottoms. Just be sure to research whether she likes a pointed toe or round. Very important 😉

Shop it HERE!

5. Cobble Hill Wallet, Kate Spade, $198
    Don’t you think she needs a place to keep her money and credit cards? Help her out with a fab new wallet. It was so hard to choose which one to display below; there’s so many colors and styles! Check them all below!

Shop it HERE!

If you have questions about anything, please comment or email me at Trust me, I might know more about what your girlfriend wants than you do, even if I don’t know her. Suggestions? Send those too!

Happy shopping!

xx -S

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