Holiday Gift Guide| Gifts for Your Dad

My dad is very high on the list of hardest people to shop for. He has everything he needs and is the type to always say to not get him anything. But let’s face it, no one wants to be left out on Christmas morning with no presents to open! Check out some great dad-gift ideas below!

1. Wave, Leatherman, $99.85
    Honestly, I kind of want one of these for myself. It’s like the handy dandy lifesaver max. If I had a dime for every time this would have been useful since living in my apartment, well, I’d probably have enough to pay my rent…lol. 

Shop it HERE!

2. Sandalwood Shaving Kit, The Art of Shaving, $60
    They all gotta do it (well, most), so why not make it enjoyable with this fab shaving kit?! It smells amazing and makes the perfect gift for the big guy in charge.

Shop it HERE!

3. Leather Money Clip Wallet, Jack Spade, $128
    Most dads can always use a new wallet. And since they’re usually spending money on you, you might as well give them a nice place to hold it all! Two-tone and Jack Spade just fit all too well together.

Shop it HERE!

4. Hoodie Tee, Life is Good, $48
    What dude doesn’t love a good hoodie, and at a totally affordable price! Get pops a cuddly top that can even almost be dressed up enough to go to a family holiday party? If your dad is like mine, this is dressed up. 🙂

Shop it HERE!

5. The Burning Room, Michael Connelly, $18
    So I’ve never read one of his books, but word of mouth is that this is a new book by the famed author Michael Connelly. He has many others and I’ve definitely seen them around my house. If your dad is a reader, try this one out and see if it fits the bill!

Shop it HERE!

I definitely think I’ll be getting pops a few things from this list. And thanks to all my friends that helped me out; I know what their dads are getting too! 😉

xx -S

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