Back to Brunching Basics

As I write this, I am laughing because I can’t think of anything to say other than if you like pictures of me walking around, this post is for you. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed LTT’s annual holiday gift guide and it’s good to be back to normal!

So I realize this look is lacking a certain thing some might call color. I just happen to think that black, grey, and blue always go so well together. And the blue that Celine provides is the effect amount for a cold December day at brunch.

And being that it was so cold, my legs needed a little extra warmth; my thick knits socks definitely help out in that department. In addition, I would normally never buy a white scarf (asking for disaster considering make up, coffee, general dirty things), but this one was on sale for $5 at dear H&M and I couldn’t pass it up. I’m actually really into it though!

jacket: J Brand, top: J Crew, skirt/scarf: H&M, boots: Sam Edelman, gloves: Skull Cashmere

Getting me through this Monday: 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!

xx -S

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