Last Minute Gifting with Anthropologie

Just about all of us are guilty of waiting until the last minute to grab the gifts that you just didn’t seem to be worried about weeks ago. Luckily, Anthropologie has these seriously adorable letter mugs for only $8, and if you buy it now, it’s 20% off! That’s like, $6ish for a perfectly personal gift. Receiver not a coffee drinker? I totally eat out of mugs all the time. They take up less room in my cabinets <3NYC

Find a link to the sweet mugs HERE, and check for a store near you to have it in time for Christmas!

And well, if you don’t have an Anthro near you, there’s always the option to bake cookies. Note: if you’re stumped on what to get me, cookies are always the answer!

So what if my Christmas tree is cliche in my pictures! hehehe

xx -S

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