Monday Knits and Sparkly Pieces

I’d like to point out ahead of time that there was definitely something very interesting going on to my left. Please continue on..

As we enjoy the last of Starbucks’ holiday cups, I’m hanging on to the thought of sleeping in and sipping my coffee in pj’s and under my warm covers. Sadly, the bubbles of New Years have popped and all of my birthday candles have been blown out and we’re back on to the daily 5-day work grind.

I choose to ease back in with a super comfy sweater and DIY French braid. This is my usual go-to hair style when I just don’t know what to do with my hair, but it needs to be out of my face. Maybe that’s why I kept turning my head in these pictures. Yeah, to show off my braid. Ok! 🙂

Sweater | Brooks Brothers
Jeans | J Brand
Boots | Rag & Bone
Necklace | Saks Off 5th
Gloves | Skull Cashmere

Happy Monday my dear friends. I hope you’re more ready than I am to get back into the work groove. Sometimes, even a five-day weekend just isn’t enough!

xx -S

One thought on “Monday Knits and Sparkly Pieces

  1. Love the outfit, especially the bling. Aren't you cold though? I was there in October and people were wearing coats. Thanks for your awesome recommendations. Got some really cool stuff at Buffalo Exchange and the Housing ??? place


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