Oversized Fringe Sweater | Oversized Cozy Scarf

One thing I hate about winter? Bulky outerwear. If I can, I will layer until equivalent to a jacket. Like here, with a long sleeve tee under my fringey sweater! Scarf, hat, and hand warmers (aka coffee).

By the way, if you’re near a pandora and haven’t tried their hazelnut coffee, I highly suggest going there. Now.

Oh! You noticed my new Proenza Schouler bag? Why, isn’t she a beauty? Of course I want to wear it asap, and though the color doesn’t totally go with the rest of the look on paper, I totally love it!! For those wondering , it’s the PS1 Pouch in Berry. Link here!

Sweater | Mink Pink (on sale here!)
Pants | Zara
Scarf | Urban Outfitters
Boots | Sam Edelman
Hat | H&M
Bag | Proenza Schouler
Earrings | Gas Bijoux

Though I’m not ready for Monday yet, I had a fabulous weekend! Not sure why there were so many birthdays, but I’m not complaining!!

xx -S

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