Long Lost Party

I honestly don’t even remember which party this was, but I see bare legs so I’m guessing it must have been warm out. I hate to make excuses, but I had lost my camera transfer cord thing in my craft trunk for at least a season, and just found it! So, better late than never, right??
I was inspired by my church bake sale, and my sweet cousin in South Lake Tahoe that has cookie swap parties every year around the holidays. If you know me, then you know the quickest way to my heart is with a cookie. I like all kinds, no discrimination here! But, if it has chocolate and peanut butter, you’re a shoo-in.
And this was my plate after donating at least a dollar a cookie. They’d be rich if I was their only customer!!


So with all of that, naturally I was craving my own cookie swap party. I gather a bunch of my girl friends, chose a night, and the baking began. After the party plan was set, of course we found out that it just so happened to be on the same night as the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Duh. 

Cookies + lingerie models = a successful girl’s night
This little gem was my creation, via my older sister Heather. It is probably one of the easiest recipes ever. Not really even a recipe.. buy a roll of cookie dough and a tube (?) of Rolos. Wrap one Rolo in a ball of cookie dough, bake.
If you like your elbow grease where it is, I highly suggest covering your cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Maybe even double it, just to be safe.
Make sure there’s plenty of dough on the bottom, otherwise you’ll have to scoop up the melted caramel and throw it on top of the cookies like mine.

I was so surprised at how many of my friends are amazing bakers! They came up with truly great and delicious recipes! And yes, it was also sort of a Christmas party too. We even got a little visit from one of Santa’s elves! 🙂



Show time..


Somewhat successful group shot. Camera timer, check!

And when the night was over, it was time for me to lay back and relax after a fabulous night with my best girlfriends!
And remember, cookie swaps aren’t just for the holidays! In need of a single girl’s night that happens to fall on February 14th? I smell cookies baking already!!
xx -S

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