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Jacket | H&M, top | Blackjack , pants | Zara, necklace | Armed & Readi, boots | Sam Edelman, gloves | Skull Cashmere, scarf | Knittorious

Disclaimer: this is not today. If it was, you would only see white in the pictures due to The Blizzard of a Lifetime that’s getting geared up to pounce on New York City. If you’re wondering whether or not I’m prepared, well, I have about 12 unopened bottles of wine and a half gallon of milk with chocolate syrup already added. So yes, I’m fully prepared.
Back before blizzard warnings, I got these crazy printed pants at Zara, on sale. These are once-a-month-ers, slash I can only wear them once a month at most due to the extremely loud visual appearance they make.
Also, I love the color of this fab hand-knit scarf with the yellow in my pants. An of course, paired with all black.
Happy Monday and I hope all you northeasterners are just as prepared for this blizzard as I am!
xx -S

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