Adult Snow Day!

The face of an adult with a snow day:
Late Monday afternoon, I received a mass email in my office that work would be cancelled Tuesday due to the snow storm we were expected to get. I pretty much jumped up and down, as anyone would do to get a snow day.
Tuesday, I slept in then met friends for coffee and a stroll in Central Park. The city wasn’t quite as bombarded with snow as surrounding areas and not nearly as bad as the forecast predicted. Basically, this meant I had a snow day with fresh, powdery snow to gallivant through the city.
A snow day like this obviously made me want to wear a mini skirt.? So I did. And I froze. But, I was totally into the stripes on stripes, per usual. You guys know I’m always into that..
I also tried out a messy, pulled brain look by one of my favorite bloggers Amber Fillerup Clark from the Barefoot Blonde. She is all about braids and I wanted to change up my hair after watching some of her tutorials. Check her page out here!

top | Gap, skirt | Express, jacket | Black Fleece, Brooks Brothers, scarf | Urban Outfitters, boots | Hunter, bag | Loeffler Randall, gloves | Skull Cashmere, earrings | Gas Bijoux
Also, some dude was at the park making these snowballs. I asked him what they were for and he said people could do what they pleased with them. So, I took a picture. Womp de womp. But I hope there was an epic snowball fight after I was clear of the area!


Upper East Side. Gotta love it.

I hope you all stay warm and aren’t buried in! If you are, then get ready for some great LTT material. I’m currently 36,046 feet up in the sky on my way to San Francisco! Hey there, Goldie!
xx -S

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