Touristing in San Francisco

top | French Connection, pants | Joe’s Jeans, jacket | H&M, earrings | Gas Bijoux, shoes | Vince

Leaving New York right after a supposed-to-be epic blizzard and heading to warm, sunny San Francisco is definitely my kind of thing. It was about 70° each day, and at times even warmer. I’m told this isn’t normal for this time of year, but Mother Nature decided to give us a break. Of course, only to return to snow flurries and a day of weather app snowflakes.

Our first day was spent making all tourist stops necessary. Lombard street, union square, Buena Vista for Irish coffees, and distant views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Also a great calf workout from a few uphill hikes on the city streets.

Happy Monday my friends and enjoy the views!

xx -S

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