Brr, Turtlenecks

sweater | Ann Taylor, jeans | Vince, scarf | Zara, boots | Rag & Bone, necklace | Kemi Designs, bag | Chloe


If you know what I mean. Due to cold temperatures, express trains are running on the local track. What? Trains can’t handle the cold? If that’s the case, then neither can I and I’ll see you in Spring!

I don’t think there’s enough turtlenecks or hot coffee in New York City to manage the current need of them. And please note my photographer was holding my warm puffer while taking these pictures! But in arctic-like temperatures, I go with tall leather boots and the warmest, coziest sweaters I can find.

I hope you all are staying warm, and please check on your neighbors. And if you have some extra time on your hands, bake them a banana bread!

xx -S

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