Come Back Summer

Mother Nature gave us a little hint of Spring this weekend, and to celebrate, I dug out these images from my summer archive to remind us what the feeling of warmth is like. There was certainly still a chill in the air, but I ran outside for the first time in like, ever.

So I love this bold orange dress with the bright blue shoes. I usually stay away from colors like this simply because when I wear one brightly colored piece, I tend to also wear lots of other bright pieces and I end up looking like a rainbow. But I do love this color combo together, so thanks for always having my back, Zara.

dress & shoes | Zara, necklace | Tiffany & Co., Chloe wallet, and Ray Ban & Oliver Peoples sunglasses (because I had a change of heart in the middle of taking these)

Cheers to Spring my darlings! Also, this week will mark my 400th blog post, so stay tuned for a fun giveaway!

xx -S

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