Similar, But So Different

Sweater : Topshop | tee : Gap | pants : Anthropologie | boots : Zara | scarf : Urban Outfitters | earrings : Gas Bijoux 

If you’re reading this and thinking, “haven’t I seen this before?” – then I’m obsessed with your life because I accidentally already wore almost this exact look a few months ago. It’s so different now, though, because I put a turtleneck under it this time! I added a scarf and earrings instead of a necklace. Different, no? Well, my hair is still in a pony, and I’m probably wearing different socks. Hehe

I just really love this Topshop sweater!! Can’t hate on that..

See previous post here! ^^^ there’s snow. 

Happy Thursday friends!

Ps. Keep your eyes peeled for an Instagram contest coming soon! Don’t follow? Head to!

xx -S

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