Glitter, Because Friday

top : All Saints | pants : Zara | jacket : vintage Emporio Armani | bag : Steve Madden | shoes : Kate Spade x Keds | earrings : Grandma’s vintage (literally)

It was almost as if Rebecca Black was kneeling at my bedside this morning singing her sweet nothings of “it’s Friday, Friday, gotta wake up, it’s Friday” into my ear as I raised from my slumber. The sweetest song of all, the song of Friday.

Let’s celebrate with glittery sneakers? I’m down if you are! Nothing yells Friday like a little extra sparkle in my walk. Adding this fab blue bag by Steve Madden to give a pop of color to my look makes it complete! Anddddd in ready to party!

Happy happy Friday dolls. Be safe and have an excellent weekend!

Lastly, contest is coming Sunday on Instagram! 😉

xx -S

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