What to Wear to a Car Show

There’s something you might not know about me… It’s not a baaaad thingggg… It’s just that I’m a car fanatic. Some might be surprised by that, but others that know me from New Hampshire probably know me as the girl with the Camaro.

So when I heard that the New York International Auto Show was finally here, I obviously brought my two best girl friends. Even if all they learned while there is what hood pins and carbon fiber are, it was still great.

Their most important question was – ” What do I wear to a car show??” Answer below.

One of my favorites, I love matte black and I love a good Lamborghini.

And a beautiful Spring Sunday isn’t complete without watching the sunset at one of my favorite summer spots – the Frying Pan!

Top : Experess | skirt : BCBG | jacket : H&M | Shoes : Chanel | bag : Celine | necklace : Saks Off 5th

Happy Tuesday darlings, and remember that were so close to warmer weather!

Ps. Check out my new video with America’s Best Racing here

xx -S

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