Mother’s Day Madness!

If I were to say one good thing about myself, it’s that I’m a spectacular gift giver. I put lots of thought into my gifts, and even my blood and tears into wrapping them, i.e. a paper cut, and me crying about it. 

However, I get overly excited when I give gifts, especially if the gifts I’m giving are really good.  For example…

Printed Village scarf

Artists submit design patterns, people vote, winners are turned into scarves. Totally cool, and hella soft!

Find it at $38

Kemi Designs custom necklace

Though she is saved in my phone as Mother, I do still call her mama bear. Especially when I’m asking to borrow money. Or sometimes I’ll call her Hey Lady. You could get that too.

Find it at $150

Luxchilas embellished handwoven fringe bag

This is the kind of gift I’d get my mom just so I could borrow it. Let’s be real, this thing is phenominal. Please let me get this one for you, momma bear ❤

Ps. Each purchase helps support sustainable work for Wayuu Tribe families from Columbia.

Find it at $450

Swarovski Edith sunglasses

Need some bling to go with that tender love and care you give me? I gotchu. Bedazzled sunnies to protect those pretty eyes. Can I borrow these too?

Find them at $175

Raphael Vineyards tour

And if your’e really looking for the real deal, take her to Raphael Vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island. Believe me when I tell you, after sipping some world-class Merlot, she’ll let you borrow anything you want.

Find out more at 

Oh guys, and don’t worry. I already gave my mom her gifts while she was here last week helping me move. I let her know I love her everyday, and somedays, I give her presents to show her!

See you in the vineyards, Momma Bear!!

Email with any questions –

xx -S

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