Feeling Yellow | SF

After working a half day, flying across the country, then celebrating my arrival in San Francisco with one too many glasses of wine, waking up at 6 am to beat California traffic wasn’t really my idea of fun. But, when in Rome! 

Definitely a *make up in the car / headband* kind of morning.

I originally planned to wear this skirt a bit differently, but I was feeling the black tank and necklace with it instead. I spent some time hanging around Union Square and Market Street catching up on the scene over here. Still loving it!

tank : Zara | skirt : H&M | jacket : Gap Kids | shoes : Gucci | bag : Proenza Schouler | necklace : Gas Bijoux | bracelet : RocksBox

Happy freaking Friday kiddos! Check back in next week for more of LTT in SF!

xx -S

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