I Crashed a Dirt Bike, Yes I’m Fine

So, it’s confirmed – I’m not a vampire with super fast healing abilities. If I was, then I wouldn’t be sitting in my apartment with bandages and takeout containers everywhere. The second part doesn’t suck as much though.
To fill you all in, I am not a professional dirt biker, if there was ever any question. I was in San Francisco for a long weekend and decided to go take the dirt bikes for a ride (awkward dirt bike pose below), (location picture below, trails going up that mountain, eek).
We planned on staying the night and roasting marshmallows by the campfire and most likely sipping beer or the wine we’d just picked up in Sonoma. Little did we know that we’d be heading to the hospital before the first ride ended. Large blood puddles and wounds blurred for your viewing pleasure.
I am, by most means, a city girl. I can dodge people on the streets like a wrench, get a cab from two blocks away, or tell anyone what subway to take to get to any given location. But when it comes to using a foot-brake, shifting and holding the clutch at the same time, I’m no expert. Just look at my body if you don’t believe me.
I ended the day with five stitches in my arm surrounded by a one inch radius of missing skin, a few layers missing from the palm of each hand, a sprained knee, and battle wounds on the other knee, ankle, and hip. And shoulder. And arm.
Certainly a memorable trip, and would it be inappropriate if I said I feel kind of cool? Having people cut my food for me and perform the simple task of putting my hair in a ponytail will likely never get old. But I guess life will just have to go back to nromal in 10-14 days.
The most important lesson I learned from this is always wear a helmet. I was just taking the bike out for a quick spin to get used to it, and thankfully I put a helmet on first. The helmet I was wearing is equally as beat up as the rest of me (this is the before picture)
, which could have been my head. So kids, wear helmets and stay in school.
Thank you to all who have been checking in on me and who have been more than willing to sponge bathe me (I’m talking to you Alana). You guys are the best and I love ya!
Lastly, I apologize in advance for a lack of upcoming posts. I’ll try to keep you all updated here and there, but I can’t fit sleeves over my arm bandage, which means (shriek) I’ll be wearing most of the same sundresses for a bit.
xx -S

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