Patriotic, Take 1.

Can’t believe it’s already the week of July 4th! I am super excited, but I hope time slows down a bit after! It’ll be winter again before we know it!

So if you’re not going to be at the beach this weekend, Forever 21 has these awesome track pants for about $20 that would be perfect for an evening bbq or watching fireworks. They come in all different colors, they’ll keep ya warm and hopefully keep little buggies away.

top : DVF | pants : Forever 21 | boots : Rag & Bone | necklace : Deepa Gurnani

And if you were wondering, that is my box. It’s my older sisters birthday present 🙂

Happy Monday you guys, and stay tuned for more 4th of July things this week!

Ps. Today is my half birthday!! Can’t wait for my presents 🙂

xx -S

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