Boston for the 4th!

Let’s go on a journey from New Hampshire to Boston. Follow the scenery below..

Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that look..

So now we’re in Boston! I spent my 4th gallivanting around the great city, stopping in at darling Irish bars here and there. Ended up on the Cambridge side of the city to see the fireworks. They were gorg, and so was this drink below. Anything made with cucumber in the summertime is a-ok with me!

Also, I recently discovered this store Francesca’s. I know I’m late on this because I’m sure you all already shop there. But this dress was under $50! It’s so hard these days to find quality items that don’t break the bank. Everything I was was around $40, and they were having a great sale this weekend too. Score!

Dress : Francesca’s | shoes : Target | earrings : Deepa Gurnani | bag : Celine

Sad to say that the long weekend is over. Onto another work week, but luckily, another weekend is always close by!

xx -S

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