Blissfully Happy in Pink

My mom took my sisters and me shopping for the little one’s 12 birthday. I also just realized as I’m typing that the last time I wore this skirt was on my own birthday. That means it’s the official skirt of birthdays. Get with it friends!

Any who, as I mentioned yesterday, I recently discovered Francesca’s. I thought it was only in the mall at home, but I went on their website tonight and they have locations in the city. Shriekkkk!! And I’m wearing pink. Enjoy it because it won’t last long!

Sisters lunching.

top : Zara (on sale!) | skirt : Bliss Tulle | shoes : Gucci | bag : Celine | necklace : Deepa Gurnani

Similar pictures, yet all so different. They assist me in showing off all of the wondrous angles of my darling Bliss Tulle skirt! 

Ps. My hair is a little on the crazy side; I braided it while on the highway in a convertible. But the little one said she liked it, so it stayed.

Also, guys, we made it through Monday. May the rest of your week be a piece of apple pie!

xx -S

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