Oh, This Skirt? I Made It.

I took a sewing class in high school. I made about 8 quilts ( it was a quilting class) and I think the average was around 3 for the semester. I had another sewing class my first semester of college. Made a hideous dress.
I like to look at garment construction and see how things are made. For this, I didn’t use any sort of pattern or inspiration. I just know the kind of skirts I like and how I wanted it to fit. And I really wanted a yellow skirt.
It’s wonderful being able to pick everything. I was able to find this relatively light colored fabric and made sure it wouldn’t give anything away/see through it. I found the perfect color and texture, I love the bow and the length.

  img_1680 img_1683 img_1718 img_1721 img_1762 img_1771 img_1773 img_1775 img_1781 img_1802 img_1826 img_1841 img_1847

I would love any feedback from you all! Ideas, suggestions, anything is helpful!
And I’m quite considering making these skirts for sale. Would you buy one? Tell me what you like, and if you’re interested or have any questions, shoot me an email at Stephanie@letstalktwenties.com



Push Cart coffee, some sparkles from Deepa Gurnani and my fab new skirt definitely call for the greatest day!


Never stop reaching for the stars my loves!
xx -S

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