Hey Hey Tay Tay!

For my little sister’s 12th birthday (the diva in the pink posing like her big sister <3), she got Taylor Swift tickets. My mom asked me to chaperone. I was like, ok whatever Mom. But secretly on the inside I was like omg omg OMG OMG OMG! Because I’m actually like really obsessed with Tay Tay, probably more than the little one. Maybe.
So, like we did for my older sister and my first concert, which was the Spice Girls in about 1998, we decorated the car with paint sticks and drove all the way to the venue. In this case, Gillette Stadium where my Patriots play. Always and forever Tom. Naturally, Honky if you ❤ Taylor Swift took up the back window. We got a few, and were just as excited for all of them.
I’m sure if I ask her (or even if I don’t), my lovely mother could dig up the pictures of me with my frizzed-out awkward 8 year old Baby Spice pigtails and my older sister sporting the Sporty Spice 90’s windbreaker ensemble. Hopefully the mental image is enough for you.

IMG_2564 IMG_2557IMG_2548IMG_2704IMG_2575 IMG_2710
The only request the little one had was that we all get ready together. And that we did. So under the hat and sunglasses, is ^^^ this. We naturally also had to wait for Frankie’s arrival from the Big Apple. Can’t leave a sister behind!!
I wore this fun little sundress from Zara, and its only $22! It’s a tad short, and is now my bathing suit coverup when I feel awkward riding the elevator to my roof with the older folk. But I love the bright color and the fabric!
I bumped into my darling little cousin and her posse and they were all rocking their Taylor Swift Keds like superstars. Are you guys dying as much as I am? In. Love. With. Those.
11695785_10207107941236183_5082590098248768127_n 11752637_10207107943156231_1483897977753110197_n
Finally, after the girls put up with my let’s-get-pumped-up-for-the-show speech, we headed in to find our seats. And my, what great seats they were! We took a few more pictures, got some snacks and anxiously awaited Taylor’s arrival to the stage.
It’s debatable if I had more fun at my first concert or if the little one did at this one. But I will tell you, there were no tears shed at this concert from sneezing while Sporty Spice popped her signature backflip on stage. It was happily replaced with scream-singing along to Shake It Off and Blank Space.
IMG_2655 IMG_2671 
So my friends, if you have the chance, I suggest getting yourselves some tickets to the 1989 tour. And if she’s already come and gone from your city, maybe a pair of her Keds and a new TS iTunes download will just have to do for now.
Until next time my sweet darlings!
xx -S

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