ProfilePRO Customized Shampoo + Conditioner

IMG_2913 IMG_2921
Got these sweet smelling babies in the mail a few weeks ago. To say that least, I’m obsessed.
If you don’t already know, ProfilePRO lets you custom-make shampoo and conditioner to be a perfect fit for your hair.
You can choose your personal hair type, texture, behavior, and favorite scent. My fave scent is always a close call between coconut and lavender. This time, I went with coconut, because it’s summer and I’d like to constantly have a piña colada in hand.
Your name is even printed on the bottle. So tell your roommates, back off roommates, it’s mine!
Click the link below to fill out your hair survey and let ProfilePRO make your perfect hair care!
Ps. Because I love you, use code LTT40 for 40% off your trial size purchase.
Enjoy my loves and let me know what you think!
xx -S


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