Fall Whites

I can’t exactly tell you why, but I always save my white dresses for the very end of summer. Perhaps it’s because I’m subconsciously nervous about getting them dirty. I now have a hefty dry cleaning pile of white dresses. Hashtag end of summer.
But as far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s still 80° out, it’s still appropriate to wear white. Let’s call it Fall White. Heart eye emoji.
IMG_4529 IMG_4531 IMG_4533 IMG_4558 IMG_4562 IMG_4572 IMG_4577
Dress | Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers
Shoes | Burberry
Necklace | Mirina Collections, Olivia Necklace – get 20% off sitewide with ‘twenties20
Sunglasses | Ray-Ban (they’re new and I’m obsessed!)
Lastly, Fashion Week has now begun. Cue the craziness. Overheard a girl last night laughing/crying about accidentally walking directly into Fabolous at the Kids Rock show. Pictures to come!
Happy Friday!
xx -S


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