Oh, Chartreuse!

But where am I actually going…
IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1904 IMG_1916 IMG_1925 IMG_1932 IMG_1935
Top | Vintage
Jeans | AG
Necklace | Deepa Gurnani
Bag | Proenze Schouler
Shoes | Sam Edelman
Someone! Give me a high-five for spelling chartreuse correctly on the first try!! No autocorrect needed, holla.
So even though I’m overly excited for Fall to fully arrive, I’ve got to do my best to soak up the last of summer. The chilly mornings have started, which are my absolute favorite. It’s not quite hot coffee season yet, but maybe a light sweater or jacket will do. Also, please don’t kick me out of girl world, but I have a confession. I can’t get down with the pumpkin.
I like pumpkin pie and the way pumpkin candles smell, but that’s about it. Who knows, Starbucks could come out with a groundbreaking pumpkin flavored something that I might fall in love with. Until then (and until the weather gets a bit cooler), I’ll stick with my venti iced coffee, unsweetened. Because I’m already sweet enough. 🙂
Have a wonderful day my loves!
And leave a comment below, I always love to see them! ❤
xx -S


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