Red Checks








Fall is upon us. Though it isn’t made of flannel, this checkered button down is made for this time of year. Brooks Brothers always gets it right. 
Sunday brunching in the Flatiron area followed by some window shopping and a hot coffee completed a perfect weekend in the city. 
The only thing that would have put the cherry on the cake would be a huge blanket scarf. When I’m searching for a new scarf, I usually pick one up and feel like I finally found the perfect one! Then realize I’m actually holding two and sadly put it back down. I may have found the perfect one today (not pictured), so stay tuned for a test run coming up.
Can we also just address this fab Sachin & Babi skirt too? It’s not leather, just looks like it. I just purchased it on, a resale site which I’m totally obsessed with lately. Like, It’s taking over my life. Check it out, I’m LetsTalk20s on there. Just added a link in the sidebar!
Shirt | Brooks Brothers
Skirt | Sachin & Babi
Earrings | Kemi Designs (only $30!)
Bag | Givenchy
Shoes | Nicholas Kirkwood


Almost the weekend you guys, keep hanging in there!
xx -S

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