Oversized Sweaters are Better







Cozy sweaters are a huge part of my Fall attire. There is nothing like being extra cozy and an oversized sweater and jeans. I supposed if my jeans were sweatpants, that might be better. But sweatpants are meant for the gym. And couch.
I actually got this vintage Christian Dior sweater for my mom last year on her birthday. And it has since found its way to my closet. Don’t tell my mom. It’s just so soft and perfect for chilly weekend days.
I also had some playtime in Sephora and was looking for one of Nars’ new lipsticks. It hadn’t been delivered yet, so I put on “Liv” by Nars instead. All of my lipsticks are Nars and have been for about two years. I love the pigmented colors and the way the formula stays on. Try it out!
Lastly, I’m lucky enough to be working with Bronzallure as of recently and I’m wearing this gorgeous pavé rose gold bracelet. It’s stunning and totally compliments my watch. Hello new daily staple!
Top | H&M
Jeans | AG
Sweater | Vintage Dior
Boots | Nasty Gal
Bag | Givenchy
Bracelet | Bronzallure (linked here!)




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