Sparkling with Camouflage

Remember when I said that I got a new scarf? Well, this is it and I love it!! I got it at Zara for less than $30 and there are so many more that I want. I had to limit myself to one for now, because we’ve only had one 40 degree day this week, and the rest are about 70. Confusing.

I used to hate turtlenecks. When I’d wear them as a child, I’d spend the day gagging (lovely, I know) because I didn’t like the way the fabric hugged my neck. Anyone else have that problem or is it just me? So to fix that problem and still stay warm, I buy turtlenecks in a large so there’s extra fabric. Maybe a bit more noticeable now that I mentioned it, but I love them now!

I am also still obsessing over this jeweltastic necklace by Mirina Collections. It’s one of my faves, but only comes out on special days, like today. This one is called the Olivia Necklace and you’ll get 20% off sitewide with code ‘twenties20’! Shop on it!

This adorable knot bangle from Bronzallure puts the final touch on my outfit. It’s like adding the cherry on top. 

Speaking of top, let’s discuss the hat. Please notice that the hardware on it is gold toned  and the rest of my jewelry is silver. See you guys? It’s not that big of a deal! Don’t worry if the silver snaps on your jacket don’t perfectly match the zipper on your bag. I have lived another day mixing metals and I’m thankful for it.

Top | Gap
Jacket, Pants, Hat | H&M
Scarf | Zara
Boots | Nasty Gal (via Poshmark! link to the right)
Necklace | Mirina Collections (20% off with code ‘twenties20‘)
Bracelet | Bronzallure
Bag | Givenchy

I hope you’re having a fabulous week! My week is crazy busy, I have at least one press preview pretty much everyday this week and next week, but I can’t wait to share all of the Spring/Summer fashions with you!

Ps. autocorrect did me wrong not catching my typo in the link. Camouflage is a tough word.

Be sure to keep up on Instagram, !! 🙂

xx -S

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