Grey with a Pop of Foliage

Another beautiful Fall weekend has come to an end. I can’t wait to get back to New Hampshire to peep some leaves with tourists. I definitely take it for granted when I can’t make it home to see the leaves turning. Luckily there are a few trees that are turning those gorgeous Fall yellows and reds.

They’re also helping my outfit not seem so monotone! I am still obsessed with my new Givenchy bag, so expect to continue seeing it in lots of posts. The deep oxblood color is so stunning and I love the choice I made on it.

I like pairing the different shades of grey (not a pun) together to create a very simple look. My bag and shoes add a sweet contrast to make the look more interesting rather than all grey and black. And naturally, I’m going with understated jewelry from Kemi Designs so the look doesn’t get too busy with the stripes and pleats.

I’d also like to point out that beautiful gold piece on my left hand above. Kemi custom made this cool cat hand bracelet for me because I was dying for one. It came out amazing and I love wearing it.

Top and Jacket | H&M
Skirt | Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers
Bag | Givenchy
Shoes | Celine
Jewelry | Kemi Designs

Anyone notice anything? Like maybe that the pictures are a bit better? I finally got a new camera and I’m loving playing with it. I am still not great with the settings, but I have figured out enough to have a great shoot! Do you agree? 🙂 🙂

Happy Monday and I hope you’re all able to achieve your goals for the week!

xx -S

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