Happy Blues on 5th

How can anyone ever be sad on 5th Avenue? Other than dodging tourists that stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures of signs and buildings, the main avenue in New York City gives a sense of home to many.


When I first moved here, the only train I knew for a long time was the E train, that went from Penn Station (near where I used to live) to 53rd St. and 5th Ave. I used to spend hours walking up and down the 5th Ave, gazing at the window displays and busy shoppers hoping that one day, I’d be even half as glamorous as the women in their heels and gorgeous designer bags.
There’s just something about 5th Avenue that makes you feel fabulous and I hope that feeling never leaves me!
Top | Anthropologie
Jeans | Vince
Shoes | Mason Margiela
Earrings | Gas Bijoux
Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

Where’s your happy place? I hope that wherever it may be, you’re there right now!
Happy hump day loves!
xx -S

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