Bailey Hats!

Even though it clashes with my top, the Imperial Blue hat its my favorite, ever. It was the hat used on the invitation to this event and I knew instantly that I loved it. Much to my dismay, I’m told that it isn’t available for purchase yet. But believe me, I’m hoping this will be a permanent addition to my wardrobe, and I’ll wear it much better than I did here.





American made in Pennsylvania since 1922, these hats are the true essence of handmade style. The beauty, quality and craftsmanship of these babies are like no other I have seen before. It was very hard for me to not try all of the hats on. Luckily there seemed to be a bit of a lull at this time in the day and I just about had the place to myself.
Check out Bailey Hats here and find the one that speaks to you. Or, if you must, join me in the wait for this fabulous blue hat. But if you do, just know I’ll be first in line with a folding chair, blanket, and a boombox, wallet in hand. And not in this metallic green top.
Thank you for sharing your new collection with me, Bailey Hats!
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xx -S

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