Potluck Friendsgiving

This year, my Friendsgiving party was potluck style. As much as I love cooking, sometimes it’s nice to see what other people bring as they likely would bring something they consider is their best dish. We had amazing mac and cheese, buffalo chicken dip, tortellini, sweet potatoes with cranberry & apples, lots of cookies and plenty of wine.

Decorating was possibly my favorite part of the prep. I went to the dollar store (and spent $56??) and got tons of leaf cutouts, garland and candles. The only kind of autumn colored candies I could find were candy corn flavored M&M’s because Halloween is done. At least they were only about 15 cents and since they were really disgusting, I used them as decoration instead of putting them out as snacks! This small tea candle holder was the perfect fit for my bathroom sink.

My attempt at trying to dress festive was cut short about five minutes into the party when I spilled dip down the front of my red top. Luckily, I had my own closet to select the replacement top.

The thankful tree was quite a hit. I got the idea for it in Pinterest, obviously, and search florists high and low for some perfect sticks and twigs. All of them said this isn’t the time of year that they carry them. I was quite confused since this seems like the only time of year they should be carrying them. So I went into the park and grabbed my own, for free. Cha-ching.

IMG_2585Overall, it was another really great time spent with lovely company and delicious food. I’m so looking forward to the next party! I’m thinking a Winter White Wonderland in January? Tell me your thoughts!

xx -S

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