You Know Who You Look Like?

As I just started writing this, my mom called me. I had sent her the picture above a little bit ago in a snapchat (yes she uses snapchat, but she takes screen shots of them all…) and she said in reaction to the picture.. you know who you look like? And I don’t mean this as an insult, but you look like


Mom, first. Have you seen J.Lo recently? I just watched a video of her performance last night at the AMA’s and if I looked like her, I’d be out shaking what my momma gave me instead of baking cookies with a glass of wine. Second. Why would I ever take that as an insult?! The woman is literally a year younger than my mom and I’d kill to look like that when I get older. I mean, more mature.

That all being said, thanks mom. But I’ll stick with the usuals, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. I don’t really see Tay Tay, but believe it or not, so many people do. There was a TSA man at JFK that stopped me twice with a full year in between and told me I looked like her. And asked if I remembered him telling me that the last time. I said yes. I also got Kate Beckinsale the other day. I was on the support line with Go Daddy and the girl had to look at my site and we spent quite some time trying to think of her name. I guess I’ll add that one to my list too!

Anyways, a black long sleeved tee and jeans are always a favorite of mine. This top is a bit more fun because it has buttons down the back and has a super cool texture. I added some color with this cobalt blue bag from Steve Madden last fall and my huge teardrop gold hoops. Maybe that’s where she got the Jenny look from.

Top | Francesca’s
Jeans | Hudson
Boots | Nasty Gal
Bag | Steve Madden
Earrings | Gas Bijoux

IMG_2427Do you see anyone else I should add to my list? I’m perfectly happy looking like myself, but it’s always fun to see what other people see!

I hope you’re all getting excited for Thanksgiving! I know I just can’t wait to cuddle with my sisters and eat tons of pie.

xx -S

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