West Village Stripes

When in the West Village, wear stripes. Adding stripes are a great way to create a more dimensional appeal to any look. On paper, one wouldn’t think to wear navy blue and white stripes with an olive green jacket. But, I like it.

Now that the winter air is slowly arriving, a huge blanket scarf is perfect to wear as a functional accessory. Some places are starting to put heat on, but others are still a bit behind keeping the a/c on full blast. And then my scarf becomes a cozy blanket.

Shopping in the West Village is so amazing at this time of year. Everything is lit up with holiday lights and giftable windows. Love, love love. I discovered an amazing little accessory store called H. P. F. last time I was there. Keep an eye out for more details on that coming up!

Tee | Splendid
Jacket | Burberry
Jeans | Genetic
Scarf | Zara
Boots | Rag & Bone
Bag | Givenchy

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! And be sure to keep up with more giveaways!

xx -S



IMG_2097IMG_2083 IMG_2079 IMG_2061 IMG_2059IMG_2095

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