Life is Good Giveaway!

It’s my favorite week of the year!!!! Christmas is finally here and I could not be more excited. I am just about done all of my Christmas shopping, now I just need to figure out how to get it all back home to New Hampshire! I’ve already shipped three large boxes, now it’s just the small stuff and a few last minute things to trek home.

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Our final exciting giveaway is brought to you by the great people at Life is Good. I’ve worked with LiG a bit in the past and they’re truly such an amazing company that stands for great causes (10% of all LiG proceeds fund kids in need). I am all about that positive energy and giving back, and we’re offering some wonderful treats for you!

First, you might have heard that Life is Good has released a new book. I read it a few months back and felt so inspired and uplifted after. It’s a great read and there are definitely a few copies placed under my Christmas tree this year. In addition to this, there are two sets of jammies (sleep shirt and tank & shorts), an adorable coffee mug, and super soft slippers, all linked and pictured below! Guys, that’s amazing stuff!

To Enter
All you have to do is comment below with a life is good moment you’ve recently had. It could be as simple as getting all of your presents wrapped and neatly placed under your tree, or something kind you’ve done or seen someone do recently. A winner will be chosen and notified on Tuesday, December 22nd. For more ways to enter, be sure to check out LTT’s Facebook and Instagram pages below!

Today, I saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to get up the inclined sidewalk between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Midtown Manhattan. Though he politely declined my offer of assistance, I still paced a few feet behind him to make sure his surely strong arms didn’t give up. I felt inspired by his will to keep moving on his own rather than take the bus or just stay home. Everyday I feel inspired by others and I want to share your stories for others to see!

Also, I just figured out how to add a poll so check it out below! 🙂 🙂 small victory.

I hope you all find happiness and peace this holiday season and enjoy time spent with your loved ones!

xx -S

9 thoughts on “Life is Good Giveaway!

  1. All christmas presents are bought and wrapped, ready to hand out!! Life is good because many people aren’t fortunate enough to have presents under the tree.

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  2. Presently, my life is full of kind & optimistic people. Family, friends, and pets are healthy & happy this holiday season. What more can I ask for? Life is good. 🙂

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  3. Life is good when your a 24 year old with coloring books at work an everyone wants to be 5 years old again and color too! Coloring books bringing people together to eliminate stress this time of year is beautiful!

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  4. Life is good because I’m overjoyed to be home with my family. It seems like so many young people move far away from home to escape… But I am always happy to come back home 🙂

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  5. Life is good because I am overjoyed to be home for the holidays. I feel like so many young people move far away from home to escape… But every time I come back, it is with an open heart and open eyes!

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