Canada For My 26th!

Being in Canada was a bit of a culture shock. I thought going from New York to New Hampshire was a change, how about going to Bromont, Canada from there! The little town of Bromont is at the base Mount Bromont where people are friendly, speak très French and don’t use their cellphones nearly as often as Americans.


IMG_3751 IMG_3885IMG_3763 IMG_3780 IMG_3808 IMG_3810 IMG_3863 IMG_3906 IMG_3910 IMG_3928 IMG_3781IMG_3931 IMG_3935 IMG_3950 IMG_3982


I found this darling two piece outfit at a brand new vintage shop in town called Vintage & Sucre à la crème on Rue Shefford. So new, in fact, that I was the very first customer! We chatted about vintage stores in New York and how eclectic they can be. So I picked up this sweet look and a few other things to add to my wardrobe.

Even though there was a huge blizzard on my birthday, I loved seeing the snow and being able to take these pictures out in the snow. It was quite the change from the lack of winter we’ve been having in the northeast. And I loved every second of it.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and have some solid resolutions made. I know 2016 will bring lots of changes for me and 26 will be the best year yet! 🙂

xx -S

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