Snowball Fight

First, I’d like to thank my darling mother for being my snowball target. Such a great sport, and we didn’t only do this once. Hey, it was my birthday! And you better believe that I took full advantage of it!! With all the fresh, beautiful snow, how couldn’t I?


IMG_3683IMG_3685IMG_3686 IMG_3637 IMG_3656 IMG_3668 IMG_3709 IMG_3717 IMG_3719 IMG_3724

IMG_3621 IMG_3612 IMG_3627

One thing that truly blew me away in Canada was how amazing the food was. Though, don’t expect to be done in any restaurant very quickly. Those Canadians sure take their time, but man is it worth it! After taking these pictures, we ventured out into the snowy day in search of a chocolate museum my mom had heard of. We found it. In a big way. Le Musée du Chocolat de la confiserie to be exact!

If I could have one meal, well, maybe not everyday. How about just Sunday’s. If I could have one meal every Sunday forever, it would be this tantalizing fruit-filled crepe with warmed chocolate drizzled (I mean doused) all over the top on a bed of more fresh fruit. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. And the hot chocolate? I’d let it take the place of coffee in my life any day of the week!

Now let’s talk about this bag. I opened it on Christmas morning and showed it off to my family. I pranced around the room wearing it with my Christmas jammies asking everyone if they liked it. No one did. But I LOVE it, and heck, I’m the one wearing it! The tassels, the beads, the sequins?! My, oh my. Linked below if you need more details!

Sweater| Banana Republic
Turtleneck | Gap
Jeans | Genetic
Boots | Hunter
Bag | ONE by Type Alpha
Hat | Urban Outfitters

Oh happy day, friends!

xx -S

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