Wintery Blues

After this major snowstorm, I lived in my new Hunter boots. I saw them online at Nordstrom (on sale here!) and added them to my Christmas list right away. Naturally, my mom decided she’d buy them for both of my sisters also. So, we were all wearing the same boots in Canada. How adorable.

IMG_3488 IMG_3539 IMG_3521 IMG_3500 IMG_3481

IMG_3551 IMG_3567 IMG_3482 IMG_3491IMG_3484

The only hard part was figuring out which pair belonged to who when we got back to the hotel rooms. We’re all the same size, but of course the little one made her ties all cool and trendy that way tweens do.

This sweater is so warm also, and when worn with my fave blanket scarf, I was almost all set. However, it was about 11 degrees this day so I had my momma holding my puffer close by. It’s all smoke and mirrors. 🙂

Sweater | Gap
Jeans | AG
Boots | Hunter
Scarf | Zara
Earrings | House of Harlow

This town is called Magog. Which is pronounced like ‘I have to go walk Magog.’ or ‘Oh Magog!’ You better believe that both of these were said the entire day. ‘Oh Magog it’s cold!’ I wish I lived in Magog. But I also wish it was in the Caribbean somewhere.

Happy Thursday lovelies! It’s almost Friday! Who has fun plans??

xx -S

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