Ketchup and Mustard

Appropriate name, no? I originally got this red a-line skirt to wear for the holidays, but when I was packing to head home, I happened to have it out next to this top and just loved them together. Normally, I hate the color red. But being in the holiday spirit, I wanted to give this one a go. Turned out great, and now I’m way more open to it out. What’s next, shoes?


IMG_3391IMG_3387 IMG_3384 IMG_3418 IMG_3360IMG_3411 IMG_3357 IMG_3424 IMG_3409 IMG_3381

I stopped by Topshop recently just to see what was new. There’s a location that’s relatively new on 5th Avenue that’s huge enough to not make it feel like a tourist haven. It reminds me so much of my time studying abroad in London, Top shop is major there since that’s where it all started.

I found this top (I’m wearing a US 6) and loved the color. It’s also very out of the ordinary for me. I’d usually pair a skirt like this with a neutral colored top, but again, I just loved how the colors worked together. These shoes were also a Topshop find. They’re also on sale, linked below! I’ve been looking for a lace up flat like this forever, and these are perfect.

You might also notice that I have new sunglasses. Yes, I know, they’re not my typical Ray-Bans. I discovered the brand Quay Australia a few weeks ago at Urban Outfitters. The brand is priced around $45 and they offer adorable, trendy shades. I’m obsessed and will definitely be purchasing more.

Top | Topshop
Skirt | Banana Republic
Jacket | H&M
Shoes | Topshop
Bag | Givenchy
Sunglasses | Quay

Happy Monday my dears, I hope you have a wonderful and super productive day!

xx -S

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