7 Things I Love About New York City

January marks my anniversary with New York City, and this year makes year number 7. My life here still feels surreal at times and I try to never forget how lucky I am to be living my dreams. These pictures are from the last few years I’ve spent here from previous posts. I love to revisit to see how my style has evolved into what it is today. 🙂

untitled untitled3 untitled5 untitled7 bold-pants 23929-img_7297 1e074-img_5507 Holiday Gift Guide Recap! Let's Talk Twenties in 2014, Looking Back!

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1. The energy here is like no other. Even at 2am on a Tuesday night, there’s still something to do, if you’re looking for something.
2. Food. I love trying new places and finding hidden gems. Like Mission Cantina in LES. It’s Mexican/Chinese. General Tso burrito anyone? You can go out for just meatballs. Or just cookies. The choices are endless, and sometimes too overwhelming. But you’ll never run out of places to try.
3. People are amazing. If you’re outgoing, you can make millions of friends. Or if you’re like me, you’ll talk to everyone and make a few new good ones. I met a lovely group of girls one night a month or so ago and it was friendship at first drink. We met through a group of guys I met up with and one of the girls was newly dating one of them. We spent more time chatting with each other, went to dinner the next day, then they came to my birthday dinner. The boys were definitely jealous.
4. Vintage shopping here is amazing. You can find one of a kind pieces that not everyone else will be wearing on the streets. When I shop at chain retail stores now, I get so turned off by so many of the same style being offered. I want it all for myself!
5. Whenever you hear of a fun event or launch of something, it’s almost always in New York City. I’ve been to so many exciting product launches and store openings here, which are mostly because of LTT, but still fun nonetheless. A new spray deodorant? Sure. The very first Topshop in the US? Ok!
6. People watching here is the greatest. You see everything. I once saw a man hold up a shotgun in the air in Madison Square Park and no one seemed to be as terrified as I was. Then I realized I was walking through a movie set. There’s a man that walks around near the FIT campus wearing rainbow tutus, pushes a grocery cart of weird things and has a bird on his head. Yes.
7. All of my experiences have attributed to who I have become as a person. I am stronger and have a much thicker skin than I ever thought I would. If you lose your Metrocard and speak to one of the booth agents, don’t expect butterflies and kisses to come out of their mouth. And don’t even dare stand at the milk station at Starbucks for too long. It also makes me realize how important it is to be nice and remember we’re all just people living in the same world.

If you have any questions or any other things you want to hear about, feel free to let me know! I love talking about my time here and all of the things I’ve seen. I’m happy to give advice, my thoughts and opinions on anything! After all, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today and I’m darn proud of who I am!

xx -S

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